Paul Soll

Motto: If you think hiring a specialist costs a lot, wait and see how much hiring an amateur costs you!

I grew up with sports, music and entertainment. I was attracted to these concerns since school, so in the 8th grade I staged the artistic programs at the end of the year including the tape recorder, the sound system and being the “on duty” disc jockey!

2000 – The Red Bull (Effect). A company where I was given my “daily dose of energy” which, I can say now, in retrospect, triggered my personal potential for creativity!

An inspired job will put you in touch with the right people to develop what you enjoy doing. The same happened with the owners of the clubs that we merged with and later collaborated with. We met and collaborated in the night life events industry.

I was lucky enough to participate in the emergence of every successful club in the Romanian landscape, starting 1997. For infamous Kristal Club to main clubs from all major cities.  And I participated in the birth of these beautiful and successful stories both from the inside and from the outside.

Since 2002, I started bringing artists for clubs and for various clients:  private individuals or companies. Because I felt the market very well and I knew exactly what the public needed. This is how Paul Soll and Paul Soll Entertainment would be born.

I had the opportunity to meet and bring to events many “types” of artists: from famous DJs to singers and bands! I collaborated with some of them on a long-term basis and managed to grow them and promote them on the Romanian markets.

I collaborated with the most popular bands, but also with some considered niche, which we promoted and sought to create the necessary prerequisites for entering a new market.

I have always sought to adapt to the demands and expectations of the public, but also to challenge the consumer. And in the vast majority of cases I was able to convince club owners that they must always be one step ahead! Against themselves, against their own standards, but also against the competition in the niche market itself!

For me it was extremely important that the owners be open to the new perspectives outlined in entertainment, but also to the challenges of the market, both of the international market and, especially, of the domestic one!

The passion for entertainment, motivation and enthusiasm will take me there, however, where I set out to. Experience and creativity have spoken in the projects I have taken on and for the success of which I have been responsible so far,

I gained my competence by myself seeking to work with the best! There is no institution in the world that can give you an authorized competence in the field in which I work, as far as I know. You must be an informed and capable person.


My advice? You don’t need any authority to follow your passion! But you have the power to do whatever you really want! Because creative people will never be replaced!